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Benefits in Brief
  • Because our UV system prevents the creation of all chloramines, there is significant reduction in skin, eye and respiratory irritation.

  • All chlorine resistant microorganisms are removed, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Norovirus and E. coli.  These bugs responsible for diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever and linger for up to 90 days in water. 

  • Can be easily fitted to your existing pool system, including salt chlorination systems.

  • Pure Pools systems enhance existing sanitisers to make them more effective, allowing for a safer and more pleasant swimming environment.

    • Water and Air Quality is measurably improved.

    • Algae Control is easier and more effective.

    • Pool and Pool Equipment has increased longevity.

Why UV

Our method of harnessing safe, powerful, ultraviolet light to clean your water is the same wavelength used to pasteurise food, purify drinking water, and sterilise medical equipment.

Using ultraviolet (UV) rays, our state-of-the-art pool sanitisers disinfect water by destroying a wide array of unwanted pathogens. In fact, UV has the ability to wipe out 99.9% of disease-causing microorganisms that form in swimming pools.

Pools at universities, luxury resorts, and at the Olympics Games depend on this advanced technology to maintain water. Your new or existing home pool can too.

Why UV is better than chlorine alone

Chlorine is a pesticide and is the most widely used product for disinfecting water. For decades, swimming pool owners everywhere have relied on its tablet, powder, and liquid forms to maintain water. It essentially neutralises organic matter and produces byproducts known as chloramines or combined chlorine. That’s when the complications begin.

Chloramines in pools are responsible for a host of negative reactions and effects can include dry skin, burning eyes, and bleached-out hair. These chlorine byproducts can also make a dip in the pool virtually unbearable for those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Chloramine vapors can also irritate and even damage your lungs, making them more vulnerable to infections and allergens. Research shows that these chemical vapors are particularly risky for children and for anyone with allergies or health conditions like asthma.

Even your deck and adjacent landscape can suffer from a heavily chlorinated, chloramine-filled pool. The threat comes from boisterous water play, or water features. When it does, it’s certainly no friend to nearby plant life, and over time, it can bleach and speed up the aging process of a wood or porous-stone deck.

How UV produces clean, safe water

With a quick, simple process, UV technology destroys spores, algae, bacteria, viruses and parasites lurking in your liquid playground. From start to finish, the UV treatment takes place entirely in the enclosed sanitising chamber inside the pool equipment—away from the pool itself. At no point is anyone in the pool exposed to the UV light.

Here’s how it works: As the water in your pool routinely circulates through the equipment for filtration, it  enters into an enclosed chamber in the UV system. There, special bulbs emit intense, controlled, germicidal rays. These rays treat the water as it passes by in a transparent quartz or polymer tube.

Once the UV light hits the water, microbes can’t escape. Within a few seconds of passing through the tube, the light penetrates their cell membranes, disabling their DNA.

Unlike chlorine, UV can even defeat Cryptosporidium —better known as “Crypto”. Crypto can remain in pools for weeks and can survive even in heavily chlorinated water.

Other pathogens that UV takes on—that chlorine cannot—include E. coli, Giardia, and Cylcospora. These contagions can cause fatigue, nausea, weight loss, diarrhoea, abdominal cramping, and in extreme cases, death.

To maintain clarity of the water, we do use a small dose of residual chlorine—comparable to levels found in urban tap water—to keep pools sanitary throughout the day.

Additional benefits of our UV systems

Our units are energy-efficient, simple to operate, and require minimal routine care. Compared to traditionally chlorinated pools, they also make it quicker to maintain water, as it’s easier to balance pH and alkalinity levels.

Yet another advantage UV delivers is chloramine reduction. Remember that pools will already have dramatically fewer chloramines, since UV. When the UV rays hit the water, a process called photo-oxidation obliterates chloramines with radiant energy. Without strong, hazardous, chemical byproducts present, both the water and the air around the pool will be healthier.

Our UV units work in virtually any pool—inground, above-ground, vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete (gunite/shotcrete). Our installations are also compatible with any popular brand of equipment—it does not matter which manufacturer’s line of pumps, filters or heaters are currently in your pool.

These processes are guaranteed safe, as they do not add anything to the water, and effective while offering superb value for money. 


Because we are based in Ibiza, Pure Pools is the hassle free, efficient answer to all of your pool sanitation requirements. We offer a complete solution for our clients to deliver a stress-free process. Our services begin with matching your needs to the correct products and we then install the right pool solution for you.  Because we are local, we can offer a total after sales service, including on-going maintenance if required. Our aim is to make the job of keeping your pool safe and clean as seamless as possible.


We can install your ideal solution quickly and effectively.


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