Keeping up with pool maintenance is essential to the health of your swimming pool. At Pure Pools we can either manage the upkeep of your pool in its entirety or we can provide you with the products so that you can do it yourself. We are happy to customise a season-long plan that fits your needs or just come out whenever you feel that we are needed. Our professional staff have over 12 years experience in managing pools in Ibiza.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We offer customised cleaning services to ensure that your pool remains clean throughout the year.  Our services include:


Vacuuming the pool and brushing walls and tile: Your pool needs to be vacuumed weekly to keep water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals that need to be added.

Maintaining appropriate chemical levels: Pool water should be tested regularly to make sure it's clean and healthy.


Cleaning and maintaining the filter: A small amount of dirt in your filter actually helps to trap other particles, which removes debris from the water. If you wash your filter too frequently, it won’t be able to reach its cleaning potential.

Checking the circulation system: Your pool's circulation system, which includes the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter, helps the chemicals to work effectively and this ensures proper water filtration.


Checking and maintaining water level: The water level of your pool will decrease due to evaporation and activity such as swimming, splashing and exiting the pool.  An optimum water level ensures that pool filtration runs correctly.

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