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Pure Pools state of the art AOP, Ozone and UV and technology means that you no longer have to use large doses of chlorine to keep your pool water clean. Our installations significantly reduce the nasty side effects of using these harsh chemical disinfectants in your water. Our methods are also more efficient at eliminating potentially dangerous bacteria and pathogens. The best part is that it is safe for you, your family or your guests and doesn’t damage the environment. You get the peace of mind, knowing that they are having fun in clean, safe, water.

Our new AOP product Quantum is a powerful and cost effective way to maintain your pool. Quantum’s advanced cleaning technology replicates nature’s own technique for sterilising our planet, making it habitable. A photocatalytic oxidiser, known by scientists as “Nature’s Silver Bullet,” neutralises what chlorine cannot and achieves exponential reductions in unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Chlorine, ozone and UV are ineffective against Naegleria Fowleri and Adenovirus, whereas photocatalytic oxidisation has proved that nothing escapes it.


Built for ease of use – simply set and relax!  For more information click here.

Who We Are

Pure Pools is based in Ibiza, Spain and we are dedicated to providing the healthiest pool sanitation services available. We treat water through state-of-the-art products that utilise ultraviolet and ozone technology and this means that we can offer safe and effective solutions to all of our clients.

Our goal is to provide you with an alternative to chemical-dependent pool sanitation processes. Whether you are a private or commercial user, we can provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Why Trust Us

We have more than 11 years of proven experience in pool management, maintenance, and installation. Our team is made up of trained service providers with your satisfaction in mind.  We offer a professional end-to-end service from quote to after sales support.

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