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Pure Pools, established in 2015 is a Spanish company, based in Ibiza, specialising in the latest swimming pool technology. We are dedicated to providing the healthiest pool sanitation solutions available to protect you, your family’s or your guests health. We offer products which treat water through state-of-the-art products that utilise ultraviolet and Nano Crystal technology.


Quantum uses new ceramic Nano Crystal technology, a prime focus of the science world today; possessing the power to sterilise all contaminated water into drinking water without the use of chemicals. This is the only technology available with the ability to instantly destroy all viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and like no other device, will break down oil and contaminants.​  Unlike chlorine and slat water pools Quantum destroys dangerous microorganisms such as cryptosporidium, adenoviruses and naegleria fowleri.  All contaminates are eliminated, leaving water looking fresh and clean.  The need for other chemicals such as chlorine are also reduced.





We also offer UV and Salt electrolysis systems.  UV technology is a highly efficient disinfection and dechlorination method for controlling combined chlorine levels.  Salt electrolysis systems provide an effective method to treat swimming pool water without the need to add chemicals.  Salt systems can be used with Quantum or UV to provide the most effective and safest way to manage your pool.